How you can help


Buy art cards made by the children

1 pack of 10 cards: $22
Beautiful art cards (two of each) with envelopes made by the street children from Rishikesh.

5 packs of cards (50 cards): $110
Great as a starter for your own fundraiser project for Children of the Ganges.

10 packs of cards (100 cards): $220
Great for your own fundraiser project for Children of the Ganges.


Other options:

  • spread awareness by talking to your friends
  • donate solar lights
  • donate a laptop
  • donate your time
  • ask your local Fedex/UPS office to donate the shipping costs of 2 fixed rate large boxes to India, like I did

Or simply donate now:

Where the donations go

With your money we have hired a head teacher and an assistant for the classroom and had bookshelves made to display all the donated books. We have also had the room freshly painted in a happy yellow colour.

Here is an example of what your donation can do:

  • $11 provides a healthy warm meal for 20 students for 1 day
  • $35 pays for the assistant who helps with cleaning and other personal care for the students so the teacher can fully dedicate herself to the educational process
  • $40 pays for 20 thick lined notebooks, 40 pencils, 20 erasers and 20 sharpeners
  • $70 pays our excellent head teacher for 1 month
  • $150 will provide 10 students with a big table and 10 chairs for the new classroom

Contact us if you have any other suggestions.

Please note:
Transactions are done via Paypal.
All prices in US dollars.
Price for the cards includes shipping and handling.