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What We Offer

happy kidsWe currently offer free education to 40 students ages 5-16, six days a week.

Our students are a mixture of street and underprivileged children, some of whom work during the day selling, for example, recycled bags, flowers and water bottles by the side of the Ganges. Others live in the neighbourhood/community (Swargashram). We believe that through education the children have a better chance to succeed in life/the future.

teacherClasses are from 4pm to 7.30pm. We teach reading and writing in Hindi and English, social skills, art, music, meditation and traditional Indian dance.

On Sundays we offer community yoga on the rooftop.

meal timeWe also offer them a healthy warm meal everyday.

At the moment we employ eight part time employees.

See some of our children in the gallery.

See how you can help by donating financially or with your time.


Rishikesh is renowned for its spiritual connections, religious pilgrimages and, nowadays, adventure sports. This makes it a favoured destination for foreigners, however the local community is basically excluded from the privileges the foreigners. We therefore have decided to give back to the local community by offering local children free classes and warm meals.

Our classes take place in a specially designated room within the premises of The Narayana Kunj Hotel, situated across the ancient bridge of Ramjhula, Rishikesh, in the Swargashram area. This provision was generously donated by the owner, Rana Naveen, for three years! (The hotel is also responsible for preparing the daily meal.)